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University of Kerala

Department of Futures Studies

About the Program:

For over a couple of decades, the Department of Futures Studies at the University of Kerala has been playing a significant role in imparting Futures Studies education, research and consultancy services.  The department was established by the UGC in  1990 acknowledging the growing importance of Futures Studies as an academic discipline. Ever since its inception, the department has recognised and maintained the interdisciplinary, also the multidisciplinary, character of the field such as Futures Studies. Currently, the department is offering academic programmes, interdisciplinary M. Phil. in Futures Studies, M. Tech. (Technology Management), UGC innovative programme Post Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Management apart from Ph. D. programme. As well as its faculty with international exposure and diverse backgrounds, the department draws academics and experts from other research institutes as well as industry offering students an excellent choice.  Many of the alumni are currently occupying the middle and top-level positions in various multinational companies, state and central government departments and organisations and many are employed abroad.

The department is carrying out interdisciplinary research in various fields including Technology Management and Forecasting, System Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Knowledge Management and Discrete Mathematics, etc.. The research contributions of the department in the area of Discrete Mathematics have attracted international attention. The Department has been partnering with the University of Maribor, Slovenia and Erasmus University, Netherlands and is having exchange programs for the last seven years.

The department is also actively engaged in consultancy services. In order to facilitate the service, a consultancy centre named Consultancy Group for research and Forecasting (C-GRAF) was established in 1992. The prime objective of the centre is to undertake socially relevant consultancy works catering to the needs of the central and state governments and other organizations. Right from its inception, C-GRAF has successfully completed several interdisciplinary projects for various agencies.

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