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APF 20th Anniversary
North American Gathering

We are experiencing another fundamental shift in technologies in an era of polarized governments and bifurcated economies. Historically technology has outraced our ability to control its use in societies. But the synergistic leaps in AI, Blockchain, and BioTech are posing questions of risk and benefit not seen since the dawn of the nuclear age. At the same time people are asserting their rights to live how they wish and societal decision-making is atomizing into smaller, networked communities. 


The gathering will lean into the resources of the Washington DC Metro area (the "DMV") to explore how the forces of inclusion and decentralization will impact decisions guiding the appropriate use of these technologies in communities, companies, and nations. We will conclude with a discussion about what these technologies mean for the professional futurist. How will we use these new tools and for whom? How do we experiment safely and find the best ways to serve our internal or external clients?

*This is a member-only event, member log in is required for registration.

*Invited guests will need an access code for registration. Please ask the member who invited you to send an email to "" for more information.

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Event Speakers