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Professional Futurists Address Coronavirus
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COVID-19 Update


APF Members' Work on COVID-19

- Riel Miller discusses how Coronavirus pandemic is a powerful opportunity to make a fundamental change in how humans make choices, and the immense power of a capability we all hold, imagination. Listen to the podcast.

Sohail Inayatullah and Peter Black write, "Neither A Black Swan Nor A Zombie Apocalypse: The Futures Of A World With The Covid-19 Coronavirus" in Journal of Futures Studies. Read the article.

- Andrew Curry applies McLuhan’s Laws of Media to explore some of Coronavirus pandemic implications. Read the post.

- Leah Zaidi has created a modular set of post-Covid-19 scenarios that can be used to design hundreds of scenarios for navigating and exploring what comes next. Download the document.

- Bryan Alexander offers COVID-19 blogs, training and links to higher education clients. Access the resources.

- Bryan Alexander explores several scenarios of COVID-19 in 2020. Read the post.

- Marius Oosthuizen offers scenarios of Coronavirus and three impact waves on South Africa. Watch the video.

- Marius Oosthuizen presents a Delphi Study: Anticipating the Impact of COVID-19 in SA, 2020-2021. Download study's summary.

- Marius Oosthuizen shares a 60-minute deep-dive webinar on COVID-19 scenarios and the economic, political and global implications for South Africa. Watch the recorded webinar.

- Pero Micic proposes four strategic scenarios for corporate leaders facing Corona crisis (Part 1). Read the post.

- René Rohrbeck shares three important lessons he learned about business in Covid-19 times. Read the post.

- John Sweeney shares reflections from a scenarios workshop with the Italian Red Cross that was held in 2017. Read the post.