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To celebrate its tenth birthday the Association of Professional Futurists has produced a book entitled “The Future of Futures”.


Table of Contents:


Introduction by Andy Hines  

The Scenarios Question by Andrew Curry

Crowdsourced Futures by Noah Raford

The History of Futures by Wendy Schultz

A New  Typology of Wildcards by Oliver Markley and John Petersen

Integral Futures by Richard A. Slaughter

Most Important Futures Works

Africa Futures by Tanja Hitchert

From Values To Time by Marcus Barber

Founding the APF:  A Personal History by Christian Crews

The APF  Student Recognition Program by Verne Wheelright

From Design Fiction To Experiential Futures by Noah Raford

The Temporary City: Rethinking Urban Futures by Cindy Frewen Wuellner

Anticipation: The Discipline Of Uncertainty by Riel Miller

Futurists and ‘The Black Swan’ by Andy Hines

The Future Is A Verb Not A Noun by Tom P. Abeles

Visual History of Futures

Afterword: The Future Of Futures by Andrew Curry

The Futures of Futures

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