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Hi, I'm Tom Meyers, also known as TomTom the Health Navigator. I'm an osteopath D.O. MSc Ost, body-centred stress-coach, founder of The Reaset Approach", speaker with a heart for helping humanity evolve on purpose. I'm also the author of Futurize Yourself and The Futures Effect.

My mission and purpose are to empower people to flourish in body, mind, and spirit and thrive in a fast-changing, challenging, evolving world.

I was at the Dubai Future Forum (27-28 Nov 2023) for the first time and felt like I had found a new family, and that's why I joined the APF. I didn't think I wasn't good enough, that I didn't have the necessary credentials because I hadn't considered myself a professional futurist. However, I do write about it (my second book is reviewed in the October edition of Compass p. 187-189) and have started to give talks about it. I also noticed at the DFF through the many super interesting conversations I've had that I do have a role to play here (in the APF and the world). I'm not sure exactly what the role is, but it has something to do with being the voice for the body, the bearer of the mind and soul, and the vehicle of all our dreams that are struggling with the demands of today.

The conflict in the speed of evolution between our biology and culture/environment – resulting in a.o. stress becomign a stressor our future – is challenge us and can lead to our downfall. That is unless we start to take the body into the future on purpose. If not by itself – because it's programming is too slow to evolve in time – we need to do it consciosuly.

Like enzymes are needed to increase the rate of virtually all the chemical reactions within our cells so do we need to become the accelerators of our rate of evolution and do it on purpose, by our own volition if we want to floruish and thrive in this fast-chaning world.

Can we do this? Yes, we can. We can futurize ourselves as it is encoded within us because behavior and environment can change gene expression we have what it takes.

The stories we tell shape our beliefs.

Change your story, change y'our future!

Mind your body,  before your body reminds you.


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Tom Meyers

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