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California College of the Arts

MBA Design Strategy

About the Program:

Ask questions, examine complexity, and innovate for human-centered solutions.

Our two-year, low-residency MBA in Design Strategy program (DMBA) is a graduate business program with five four-day residencies held each month of a semester. Set against the backdrop of the Bay Area, a region known for its unshakeable belief in a better world, the MBA in Design Strategy trains future leaders to question, listen, and put human needs at the center of decision-making.

This is uniquely possible at an art and design college, where we recognize systems are made—not given—and operate with the optimism that systems can be made better. We do much more than analyze balance sheets and come up with marketing plans; we imagine alternate futures and then build them. At its core, the DMBA is about innovation and reinvention. Our pedagogy lends itself to opening the conversation to more voices, rather than maintaining the status quo.

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