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Freie Universität Berlin

Master of Arts in Futures Studies

About The Program:

The need for an examination of possible, plausible, probable and desirable futures following scientific principles has increased, not least due to the rise in complexity of the highly developed societies we live in. Today, futures studies and research play a significant role in most organisations that deal with long-term developments and strategic decisions. The results of futures research open up the broad range of possible, probable, and desirable futures and lay them out for public discussion. Methods and approaches of futures studies have their place in areas such as research on climate change, technological impact assessment, research on demographic changes or on changes in corporate government (corporate foresight) as well as in research on social developments, such as the futures of the education system or changes in political participation, where futures research can play an effective role. The academic field serves to supply information about social, economic, ecological, political, cultural, and technological notions of the future and possibilities for robust innovations in these areas.

Although we cannot see the future, academic methods and social discourse allow us to see rough outlines and shape it today. The Masters of Arts program will be a unique chance to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of futures studies, their potential and limits and to study the skills necessary to implement the results of research as well.

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