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Tamkang University

Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Futures Studies

About the Program:

The Graduate Institute of Futures Studies commence from fall 2002. Its major objective is to integrate various disciplines to meet the megatrend of “learning revolution.” The institute emphasized a transdisciplinary approach in facing the new era of globalization, information-oriented education and future-oriented education. The institute also puts great emphasis on local society’s historical and cultural development in a broader context of globalization. The students will receive long-range, forward-looking and integrative training so as to become future leaders that have insights and visions.

The institute publishes a quarterly periodical, Journal of Futures Studies, and has been coordinating scholarly discussions via international conferences, workshops and scholar-exchange activities. We keep close relationships with futures organizations across the globe, including World Future Society, World Futures Studies Federation, Foundation for the Future, and Finland Futures Research Centre. The institute has also received a four-year research grant from the Ministry of Education to integrate undergraduate futures-related courses into a futures research program.

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