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January 2024 - APF Chair's report on Futures & Foresight

Updated: Feb 6

🚀 A New Era Dawns at APF: Greetings from Chair, Tanja Schindler

Hello, Futurist family!

I'm Tanja, your new Chairwoman, and I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey together with excitement and lots of ideas. As an experienced futurist, I bring a mix of strategic expertise and heartfelt passion to our association. My Master of Strategic Foresight at Swinburne University was the beginning of my APF member journey, before I have been your Vice Chair for the past three years. At Futures2All and as an advisor for the European Commission, I focus my skills on shaping sustainable, participatory, and inclusive futures. Outside of these roles, you can find me dancing or walking my adorable dog Dinga. I am full of optimism about what we can achieve together as we embark on this new chapter.






👥 Introducing Our Leadership Team

As the newly elected Chairperson of our dynamic organization, I'm beyond thrilled to dive into this adventure. I'm fully committed to nurturing a collaborative spirit in our community. I'm stoked to introduce our fantastic new Vice Chairperson, Miguel Jimenez, and our brilliant Treasurer, Seth Harrell. We're a team that's all about enthusiasm and dedication, ready to navigate the Association of Professional Futurists towards exciting new horizons.

As a leadership trio, we're buzzing with ideas and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Our goal? To build a community that's not just vibrant but also welcoming and diverse.

We're all about sparking conversation, sharing innovative thoughts, and pushing the boundaries of foresight. We can't wait to work hand-in-hand with you, our invaluable members, to chase our common dreams and shape a future that's not only bright but also meaningful.

Got ideas, suggestions, or just want to chat? My door (and inbox!) is always open. Let's team up and create a roadmap to a future filled with impactful changes. Let's make this journey unforgettable!

Tanja Schindler, Chairperson: As a global futurist and visionary leader, I combine strategic innovation with a passion for sustainable futures, steering the APF with my extensive expertise and inspiring approach.

Short Bio

Miguel Jiménez, Vice Chairperson: A futurist wizard from Spain, Miguel's unique blend of technology and social sciences is a game-changer for our foresight endeavors. His approach is all about creating innovative solutions that are as practical as they are visionary.

Short Bio

Seth Harrell, Treasurer: With a flair for humor and a keen eye for detail, Seth combines statistical tools and foresight to bring a fresh perspective to our financial strategy. His motto, "Serious about the future, but not without a good laugh," perfectly encapsulates his approach.

Short Bio

🌐 Welcoming Our New Board Members

I'm also delighted to welcome our new members of the Board of Directors: Abril Chimal, Luke Tay, and Jeremy Wilken. Their diverse expertise and fresh perspectives are set to invigorate the APF. I'm confident they'll bring invaluable insights as we strive to enhance our member value and advance in foresight.

Abril Chimal: A mastermind in futures design from Mexico, Abril is set to infuse her expertise in circular economy and design fiction into our mission.

Short Bio

Message to Our Members

Jeremy Wilken: Jeremy, an American futurist and tech expert, is the bridge between foresight and technology, crafting positive futures through his writings and global engagements.

Short Bio

Message to Our Members

Luke Tay: Luke, from Singapore, brings his rich background in political science and sustainability to the forefront, driving impactful changes in food security and international development.

Short Bio

Message to our Members

📈 Strategic Plan: Charting Our Future Course

At the heart of APF's efforts is our strategic plan, which applies not only to our organization but also to embedding futures thinking into the global fabric. Based on planning sessions we held with the Board in November 2023, this plan outlines our vision for the next three years. It is more than just a roadmap; it is a commitment to action underpinned by our core values of transparency and collaboration.

We look forward to presenting this important document to our community. Our upcoming Townhall Gathering on 27 February 2024 will be a milestone, marking not only the unveiling of the plan but also an open day for all our members and anyone interested in the APF. It's a chance to see our shared vision for the future and, more importantly, find out how you can be part of this exciting journey.

A first preview of our New Member Value Pillars:

  • Continuing Education and Learning: Calls for APF to integrate futures thinking into global educational systems.

  • Advocacy and Representation: Desire for more connections with existing coalitions and a broader representation in thinking spaces.

  • Research and Insights: Interest in connecting with experts on niche topics like the future of psychiatric conditions.

  • Networking and Community Building: A push for more active, cross-disciplinary community engagement and regional gatherings.

  • Career Support and Professional Development: Interest in collaborative publications, career planning support, and more professional development resources.

  • Public Relations and Media Outreach: A call for more inclusivity and a stronger global voice for futurists.

Don't miss this chance to shape the future of foresight. Register now and be a part of this defining moment in APF's history.

🤝 Our Dynamic Collaborations & Partnerships

APF is proud to be at the forefront of creating impactful collaborations that are shaping the future of foresight and futures studies.


DFF Partnership: Our partnership with the Dubai Future Forum (DFF) represents a commitment through a series of collaborative research papers, studies, workshops, and events. This collaboration is a powerful fusion of our collective expertise, driving innovative thinking and practical solutions for futures challenges. We're excited to share more about this partnership at the upcoming Townhall, where we'll delve into how this collaboration is setting new standards in foresight practice.

Learn more about DFF here 


Future Days in Lisbon: This event is not just a gathering; it's a festival where futures and systemic thinkers, innovation-seekers, creatives, purpose-driven organizations, and policymakers converge. The focus is on collectively creating futures that enhance urban living and build equitable societies, leveraging and transcending technology. It's a unique opportunity for our APF members, who receive an exclusive discount on the prices. Be sure to take advantage of the 25% discount for our members.

For more details on the discounts and to register, visit: APF Member-Only Events


World Futures Day with The Millennium Project: In collaboration with The Millennium Project, we are excited to participate in World Futures Day. We’re inviting our members to lead conversations as facilitators in this global event that spans the entire planet. Starting on March 1 at 12 noon in New Zealand, World Futures Day moves across time zones every hour, creating a 24-hour marathon of futures thinking. This is an incredible opportunity for our members to contribute their insights and lead discussions on futures and foresight.

If you’re interested in being a facilitator at this unique event, we encourage you to sign up and be part of this worldwide conversation on futures.  Sign Up to be a Facilitator


These collaborations are about creating a future that is better informed, more inclusive and more inspiring. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of Foresight and futures thinking. In the coming months, we'll be revisiting our other partnerships and sharing more about them.

🏆2023 APF Student & IF Award CEREMONY

🏆 Celebrating Our Bright Minds: 2023 APF Student Award Winners

The 2023 APF Student Awards are a cornerstone of our commitment to recognizing and nurturing the next generation of futurists. The hard work and innovative thinking displayed by these students is not only to be applauded, but also serves as an inspiration to us all.

This year's winners represent a remarkable mix of individual brilliance and collaborative excellence, underscoring the diverse potential within our field.

Congratulations to all our winners! Your achievements are a source of pride for the entire APF community. We are eagerly looking forward to your continued contributions and success in the field of futures studies.

Thanks to our Coordinators: Peter Hayward and Charles Brass

🌟 IF Award Winners: The Vanguard of Foresight

The APF IF Awards 2023 was a major event in futures research, recognising the best in our field. Celebrating 20 years of the Association of Professional Futurists, the new IF Awards have become a symbol of global diversity and transdisciplinarity in futures thinking.

This year, we received an extraordinary 106 entries from around the world, representing a rich spectrum of ideas and innovation. Submissions from over 310 individuals and teams came from countries ranging from Australia to Malawi, each bringing unique perspectives to strategic foresight.

The 14 top submission winners and 13 honorable mentions demonstrated exceptional ability in tackling complex global problems and underlined the emerging excellence in the field. Their work, characterized by its impact and inventiveness, has set new standards in futures research and provides inspiration and insight for futurists around the world.

Thanks to our Coordinators: Maggie Greyson and John Sweeney

🚀 Emerging Fellows 2024: Voices of the Future

The APF is proud to introduce our 2024 cohort of Emerging Fellows, a group of dynamic individuals set to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the field of foresight. This program, expertly guided by Patricia Lustig since April 2021, is not just about recognition; it's a comprehensive journey of development and contribution. Over two years, these emerging futurists will hone their skills in foresight tools, refine their writing on critical futures issues, and actively contribute to projects within the field.

Suneet Pansare from the UAE, Grace Okubo and Rachel Magaji from Nigeria, Elena Krafft also from the UAE, amalia deloney from the USA, and Wensupu (Wen) Yang from the UK, represent a global tapestry of insights and visions.

Their journey will include crafting essays on their chosen topics, offering a window into their evolving thoughts and ideas. These essays will not only be shared on the APF blog but will also be compiled into e-publications, marking the culmination of their program. This initiative nurtures their individual talents and enriches the broader foresight community with their diverse voices.

As we welcome these six new members to our community, we eagerly anticipate the fresh perspectives they will bring.

Their enthusiasm and innovative thinking are a promise of the vibrant future of foresight. To learn more about their journey and future contributions, stay tuned to the APF blog for their insightful essays and updates.

🧭 Compass: Navigating the Future with AI Insights

Explore the transformative world of AI in the latest issue of Compass, published by the Association of Professional Futurists. This edition offers insightful articles to enhance the understanding of AI's impact on our lives and future. 

Beyond AI, this issue also delves into diverse topics like the future of the future, adjacency theory, and the application of science fiction in futures studies. It's packed with practical how-to stories, from applying foresight to writing your first novel. Each article is a step towards equipping readers with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of futures thinking.

Dive into Compass for a comprehensive guide on AI and more, shaping your understanding of the future.

Thanks to our Chief Editor: Stephen Dupont

🎬 Past APF Events: Access Recordings

Dive into the insights and inspirations from our recent gatherings with full access to the recordings of past APF events.

🔮 Friends of Foresight: Futures Literacy has become a topic of significant debate within the futurist community, sparking diverse opinions and discussions. To explore this complex subject, APF has invited Bronwyn and Loes, two experts who engaged in an exploratory discussion on how to welcome others in making sense of the future. Bronwyn, known for her critical stance, questions the widespread adoption of the use of "Futures Literacy," highlighting potential limitations and pitfalls. Loes champions the model, emphasizing its utility and relevance in today's rapidly evolving societal and technological landscapes. Watch Our Latest Chat

🔈APF First Friday for January featured  Bryan Alexander, where he spoke about his book, Universities on Fire, which is about climate change and academia's future.


🎥 The recording of the session will be available soon for our members.

🏆 The 2024 APF Award Ceremony was a resounding success, celebrating the best and brightest in the futures field! We gathered virtually to honor remarkable foresight projects and individuals who have significantly advanced our practice globally. It was an incredible showcase of diversity and innovation across various regions, disciplines, cultures, and career stages.

During the event, we had the opportunity to interact with both pioneers and rising stars in breakout sessions. These discussions offered deep insights into groundbreaking approaches that are expanding our imaginations, challenging assumptions, enhancing preparedness, and guiding us toward shaping preferable futures. The ceremony highlighted the rich plurality of global contexts, frameworks, and applications that are pushing the boundaries of futures practice.

In case you missed the live event, we're excited to share the recordings with you. Relive the moments of inspiration and celebration as we continue to advance the field of foresight together.

🎥 Recordings of the Awards Ceremonies: Available soon for our members.

📅 Upcoming APF Events: Mark your Calendar

Get ready to engage and innovate! Mark your calendars for our upcoming APF events and be part of shaping the future of foresight.

  • APF Townhall Gathering (February 27, 2024): Mark your calendars for an informative session that promises to be both enlightening and engaging. We'll dive deep into our Strategic Plan, discussing its key components and how it will shape the future of APF. This gathering is also a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with fellow futurists, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships. Make sure you're part of this significant event. Register Now

  • Members Roulette: Get ready to rekindle connections with our unique Members Roulette event! This 1:1 speed networking experience is designed to rapidly connect members in a series of brief, focused conversations. It's the perfect way to meet new colleagues, exchange quick insights, and spark potential collaborations within the APF community. Member's Roulette offers a dynamic and efficient way to expand your professional network and engage with diverse perspectives from the world of foresight. Save the date for Feb 15th, Mar 22nd, Apr 18th, May 17th

  • First Fridays: Join us every first Friday of the month to learn from the best in our field. These sessions are dedicated to presenting best practices from top futurists, offering invaluable insights and learning opportunities. It’s a platform where expertise meets curiosity, and members can gain practical knowledge to apply in their own foresight endeavors- Save the date for Feb 16th, Mar 8th, Apr 5th, May 3rd

🌍 What's Next: February & March at APF

  • February: We're on a mission to enhance your experience with us through enriching partnerships and revamped member services.

    • Partnerships and Organizational Growth: We're actively seeking and establishing partnerships to provide more value to our members.

    • Membership Levels Revamp: We're introducing new membership levels to better cater to the diverse needs of our community.

  • March: Expect a surge in our marketing and management efforts as we fine-tune our operations and outreach for maximal impact.

    • Refining the Marketing Funnel: We're optimizing our marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage potential members.

    • Launch of our New Member Initiatives: Embark on a Journey of Collaboration and Innovation with us.

📣 Join the Foresight Revolution:

  • Futures Thinkers Wanted: If you're not yet a member, there's no better time to join our community of visionary change-makers. Join Us

  • Members, Spotlight Your Contributions: Update your member profiles and let the world know where you're making a difference. Member Area

✨ Closing Thoughts: From Our Future to Yours

As we embrace these exciting times together, remember that each one of you is a vital part of our foresight journey. Your ideas, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit are what make APF a vibrant community. Let’s continue to shape a future that resonates with hope, innovation, and collective wisdom.

Cheers, Tanja

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