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APF IF Awards Application Extension - Due November 15

Dear fellow “What if…?” futures thinkers 🔭🤔

This year is our second year of the Association of Professional Futurists IF Awards. In the first year of the reimagined Most Significant Futures Works award, we invited those who ask “What if…?” questions in unexpected ways. Our aim is to simply share what is going on around the world. We didn’t know that we were building a community, but early-stage practitioners, seasoned experts, those who are friends of foresight, and the organizations who use futures thinking came together in a first-ever global conversation. We had close to 100 people from around the world as applicants, judges, and advisors join a conversation about change using futures thinking and foresight as a way to do it. Perhaps even more significantly, they were sharing their experience during a slice of time when the world first began struggling with COVID-19 (2020-2022).

Again, we are asking applicants and judges to contribute to an essential “What if…?” conversation. Anyone who is thinking about the future is asking, “What if…?”. We welcome those who advance futures thinking and include those who do not self-identify as a professional futurist or a strategic foresight practitioner. We serve to amplify the most significant contributions to futures thinking and foresight practices. This year, we have even broadened the list of categories in which to apply.

We are extending the deadline for submissions. Apply by NOVEMBER 15th mid-night (in all time zones).

APPLICANTS: To contribute to this conversation with your work or to nominate someone, ✅ click here to apply:

POTENTIAL JUDGES: To participate as a judge, ⚖️ click here to apply:

The IF Awards 2022 Report is free to download which includes recommendations for applicants in our APF Shop:

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