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How to Update Your Profile

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In the article, you will find more information on how to update your profile information.

Table of Content:

1. Profile Overview

​2. Editing Profile

​3. Making Profile Public/ Private

1-1. Update Your Bio

​2-1. Updating Display Name

3-1. Changing Information Status

1-2. Private View

2-2. Updating Images

​3-2. Hiding Entire Profile

1-3. Public View

​2-3. Updating Other Information

​2-4. Customize Profile URL


1. Profile Overview

1-1. Update Your Bio:


1-2. Private View: This is the overview you will see when you open your profile page

This is an overview of the profile page. Additional information under "my acccount":

- settings

- my orders

- my addresses

- my wallet

- notifications


1-3. Public View: This is the profile overview other members will see when they access your profile page.

By clicking the "view public profile" button, you can see what information is visible for other members on your profile.

Only information being set "public" by you can be viewed by other members. More information on what infomration to display will be explained in item 3.

2. Editing Profile
3. Making your profile public/ private

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