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How to Manage Your Membership Subscription

Updated: Jul 18

In this article, you will gain information in managing your membership subscription on your profile page.

*Disclaimer: information displayed in this article may show slight difference in the actual experience for different members .

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1. Log in and navigate to "my subscription" page

On the home page, you will find "log in" area on the menu area. Log in with your member email account and you can navigate to the "my subscription" page by clicking the arrow next to your account icon.

2. Manage your subscriptions
3. Navigate to the "buy new subscription" page
4. Membership types and tier pricing selection
5. Fill in required information for check-out
6. Receive membership confirmation email & membership purchase invoice
7. Opt-out auto renew for next membership payment cycle

You are always welcome to the contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about your membership.

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