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The APF Awards Ceremony: Celebrating Futures Work and Community

At the tail-end of January, the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) held its annual Awards Ceremony to recognize outstanding futures work and dedicated members of the APF community. This year's ceremony was held across two events for the North America and Asia Pacific time zones, with over 70 futurists, students, emerging fellows and friends participating. 

The ceremony flowed seamlessly thanks to our tech team working behind the scenes. It felt wonderfully intergenerational, with new and veteran futurists coming together. We looked back to appreciate some of our long-standing members who helped build APF over the years, learned about the Cindy Frewen Awards and Emerging Fellows program, and watched inspiring videos from this year's Student and IF Award winners.

Images from the North American and Asia Pacific Celebrations

Highlights included:

  • Welcomed our new APF Chair Tanja Schindler who opened the ceremony sharing APF's mission, values and the vision behind this award this year

  • Peter Hayward announcing the 2023 Student Award winners and their futures-oriented projects 

  • Maggie Greyson and John Sweeney revealing this year's exceptional IF Award winners across nine “I” categories

  • Futures conversations in breakout rooms between attendees and award winners  

  • Acknowledging dedicated APF members, past presidents, and Patricia Lustig on Emerging Fellows

  • The announcement of the 2024 Student Awards - inviting students to apply

  • APF presented opportunities to stay involved, like the monthly Member Roulette sessions and First Friday’s gatherings exclusive to members only.

  • A special "What IF Your Project Was a Song" playlist curated by Award winners and gifted to all attendees Now made public for you to enjoy as well!

The ceremony was a meaningful celebration of the futures community, the incredible work being done, and the connections between members old and new. Looking ahead, APF has more virtual events planned for 2024 to continue fostering this global network with a shared purpose of advancing the practice of foresight near and far.

If you missed this event, don't worry! You can watch both recordings of the event now on the APF YouTube Channel.

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