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From the imagination of Conjuring_X

This is not a true story or a false story Neither a good story nor a bad story... it is just a story. To listen to the audio narration of the story, please click the link here. CIRCA 2016...

A big metal bird drops a seed from Haiti into a crack of cracks in Observatory, Johannesburg. It is strange seed that begins to expand the cracks that it finds, that it follows... It spreads, and begins to bear strange fruit. It is voodoo, it is creole, polysexual, polygender, yet nourishes all it touches with food, music and sensual pleasures ...Afrorhizomatic networks begin to form across the globe from this. 2020 A time of COVID falls, and all freezes. Time stops. Then the thawing begins...


As all ponder the ways forward... collectives gather to break bread over questions of the future. Motley groups dialogue ...and new tendrils begin to form out of an early site 69 Mons. The tendrils begin finding and creating fissures across different dimensions... of sector, of earth, of time.


Thandi. Tendai. Olu. Koffi. Ali. A rippling migration takes effect , there are socio tectonic shifts , new geographies... Diasporic cracks crossover centuries and virtual digital networks become visible... building lines and forming curves over them, trying to hold the chasms ...crayfish and cockroaches crawl out of the cracks feeding many, and a mopane miracle saves millions.


Gogos remember their works from 2023.. they are now bearing fruit Ancient wisdoms and modern works alchemies forming the biome corridor that had been dreamed... a creolization of resilience from Cape to Cairo Movement has become the norm... always shifting , checking out new spaces, creating new cracks but what is home?


A voodoo mist falls… the cracks can no longer be seen, but can be fallen into. A New Resistance rises. Gogo Kalinda stirs her pot and tells stories of old, of a seed in 2023, of how it was and how it could be Mystics and mercenaries rise out of the smoky shadows, forging and foraging, rampaging and healing


The mist is beginning to clear

New tendrils re-emerge

Slowly... a delicate mesh for new ground, new footing, new floating, new soaring

New horizons new cracks are felt and being seen...


Geci Karuri-Sebina

Geci Karuri-Sebina is a scholarpractitioner working in the intersection between people, place, technological change, and time. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Witwatersrand’s School of Governance in Johannesburg, South Africa focused on issues of anticipation and digital governance.

Thireshen Govender

Thireshen Govender is an architect, urban designer, and educator working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is interested in the speculative nature of architecture and its ability to put forward necessary provocations and possibilities for posttraumatic sites and cities.

Amy Mutua

Amy Mutua is a researcher and urbanist, passionate about contributing to the development of thriving African cities. She works as a research assistant at the Tayarisha Centre for Digital Governance.

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