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APF Student Recognition Program


Students who do outstanding work deserve recognition for that work, and institutions that develop outstanding students also deserve recognition. That concept has led the Association of Professional Futurists to develop a competition to recognize outstanding work by students in futures studies. Please use the links above to see the full list of award winners, the universities they attend, and the competition rules.

Competition Rules


Universities worldwide offering undergraduate, Masters and/or Ph.D. programs or degrees in Foresight and Futures Studies. Submissions should be sent by the sponsoring university to Peter Hayward, SRP Chair or Charles Brass Review Coordinator.

Each university can submit up to five student works that the university considers to be of exceptional quality in terms of originality, content, and contribution to the field. No more than three entries can be submitted in any one category, i.e. graduate individual. Submissions may include papers or projects by individuals and team and must be formal papers, projects, and products.

Submissions are limited to one per student (that is, they should submit only one entry in one of the four categories). To be eligible for an award, all students must have been formally enrolled at the time the work was carried out. Each submission should be no larger than 20 pages.


Award Winners

Image by Lucas Sankey

Student Recoginition

2021 Winners

Image by Lucas Sankey

Student Recoginition

Previous Winners

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Student Recoginition


PhD Awards
Masters Individual Awards

1st/ Russell Clemens 

       University of the Sunshine Coast

2nd/ Liam Mayo

        University of the Sunshine Coast

3rd /  Kimberly Camrass

        University of the Sunshine Coast

1st/  JT Mudge

        University of Houston

2nd/ Heather D Benoit Kampa

        University of Houston

3rd /  Donna Dupont

          OCAD University

Masters Group Awards

1st/ Keith Burt, Buffy Childerhose, Suesan Danesh, Caitlin Pannell, Evans, Eugene Peng

       OCAD University

2nd/ Alexis Tennent, Nam Hoang, Shahria Khan, Hannah Chafetz

         OCAD University

3rd/ Trevor Bell, Siying Chen, Gulnar Joshi, Ali Milad

        OCAD University

Undergraduate Group Awards

1st - Mariana Astengo Macías, Itzayana Alejandra Dueñas Díaz and Mauricio Uriel Barrón Marín

        Tecnológico de Monterrey

Special thanks go to Charles Brass for organising the judging and to all our wonderful judges namely: Zan Chandler, Verne Wheelwright, Jim Burke, Paul Tero, Kay E. Strong, Sam Miller, Terry Grim, Jim Breaux, Sabine Lehmann, Tim Mack, Josh Calder

2020 Awards

PHD AWARDS 1st - Laura Pouru – University of Turku 2nd - Nina Nygren – University of Turku 3rd - Elissa Farrow- University of the Sunshine Coast MASTERS INDIVIDUAL AWARDS 1st - Andrew Hladkyj–OCAD University 2nd - Samantha Matters– OCAD University 3rd - Miranda Mantey– University of Houston MASTERS GROUP AWARDS 1st - Quinn Davidson, Chantal Frenette, Robin Fribance, Emily Krause, Steph Rebello– OCAD University 2nd - Hannah Kim, Tim Murphy, Tom Rau, Jonathan Torres– University of Houston 3rd - Reanna Browne & Ana Tiqua – University of Turku MASTERS ALTERNATIVE MEDIA AWARDS 1st - Betty Xie & Experiential Futures Class 2019 – OCAD 2nd - Andrew Walls, Caro Kingston, Karli Ferriolo, Moyee Roychoudhury – OCAD UNDERGRADUATE GROUP AWARDS 1st - Deyanira Martinez, Eva Guerra, Paoloa Villa – Monterrey Tech Special thanks go to Charles Brass for organising the judging and to all our wonderful judges namely: Sam Miller, Zan Chandler, Paul Tero, Jim Burke, Kay E. Strong, Terry Grim, Jim Breaux, Verne Wheelwright, Sabine Lehmann, Josh Calder, and Chad Harms

2019 Awards

PHD AWARDS 1st (tie) - Sanna Ahvenharju & Matti Minkkinen – University of Turku 2nd - Maryyam Mirzaei – University of Tehran 3rd - Maureen Rhemann - University of the Sunshine Coast MASTERS INDIVIDUAL AWARDS 1st - Hannah Kim – University of Houston 2nd - Rachelle Bugeaud – OCAD 3rd - Martyn Richards – University of Turku MASTERS GROUP AWARDS 1st - Lindsay Clarke, Jessica Thornton, Ayana Webb – OCAD 2nd - Kate Gaffigan, Lucy Gao, Maryam Mohamedali, Ali Shamaee – OCAD 3rd - Jenny Hwang, Nicole Norris, Tamara Daniel, Lisa Hart, Christine Martin - OCAD MASTERS ALTERNATIVE MEDIA AWARDS 1st - Nadia Abuseif, Neil Botelho, Silva Nercessian, Jamie Rivera, Bo Louie Sui – OCAD UNDERGRADUATE GROUP AWARDS 1st - John Collins, Jordan Craig, Patrick Donovan, Brennan Lee, Michael Mancini – Notre Dame 2nd - Allison De La O, Christina Karlson, Emily Kreitman, Jared Pino, Alexandra Russo – Notre Dame Special thanks go to Charles Brass for organising the judging and to all our wonderful judges namely: Sabine Lehmann, Paul Tero, Zan Chandler, Verne Wheelwright, Jim Burke, Chad Harms, Liz Alexander, Jim Breaux, Josh Calder, Terry Grim, Tricia Lustig, Kay Strong

2018 Awards

PHD AWARDS 1st - Seyedeh Akhgar Kaboli , Finland Futures Research Centre 2nd -Vikram Munigala, Aalto University School of Engineering 3rd - Nina A. Nygrén, Finland Futures Research Centre Honorable Mentions: Juho Ruotsalainen, Finland Futures Research Centre ALTERNATIVE FORMAT AWARDS 1st - Aditya O., Dave J.,Sun J., Austin L. University of California Berkeley 2nd - Dikla Sinai, OCAD University 3rd - Rachel Noonan, OCAD University GRADUATE GROUP AWARD 1st - Merwad Abdallah, Alana Boltwood, Kate Kudelka, Ashley Spiegel , OCAD University GRADUATE INDIVIDUAL AWARDS 1st - Bes Pittman Baldwin, University of Houston 2nd - Adrienne Pacini, OCAD University 3rd - Anne Ventelä, Turku School of Economics Honorable Mentions: Aleksej Nareiko – Turku School of Economics Isabel Bottoms – Turku School of Economics UNDERGRADUATE GROUP AWARDS 1st - Paulina Rosales Garrido, Alejandra Treviño Lozano Alejandro Lomelí Viramontes, Monterrey Institute of Technology 2nd - Dylan Jaskowski, Kaitlyn Schloz, Kathryn McCarthy, Kathryn Renz, and Lauren Weldon, University of Notre Dame 3rd - Camilla Saravia Bazoberry, Edwina King, Victoria Saravia Bazoberry, University of Notre Dame Special Thanks to our Judges: Liz Alexander, Tim Balko, Barbara Bok, Jim Burke, Zan Chandler, Shermon Cruz, Chad Harms, Robin Jourdan, Kelly Kornet, Jim Lee, Tricia Lustig, Oliver Markley, Sam Miller, Paul Tero, Verne Wheelwright, Leon Young, and thanks to our judging organizer, Charles Brass.


 ARGENTINA Universidad Nacional de La Plata

 AUSTRALIA Swinburne University of Technology

 AUSTRALIA University of the Sunshine Coast

 CANADA OCAD University, Toronto

 COLOMBIA University Externado de Colombia

 FINLAND Turku School of Economics and Finland Future Academy

 FRANCE Conservetoire National des Arts et Metiers

 GERMANY Frie Universitat Berlin

 HUNGARY Corvinus University of Budapest

 INDIA University of Kerala

 IRAN Imam Khomeini International University

 ITALY Pontifical Gregorian University

 MALTA University of Malta

 MEXICO Monterrey Institute of Technology

 PAKISTAN Pakistan Futuristics Foundation and Institute

 PORTUGAL Technical University of Lisbon

 ROMANIA Babes Bolyai University

 RUSSIA Moscow State University

 SOUTH AFRICA University of Stollenbosch

 TAIWAN Fo Guang University

 TAIWAN Tamkang University

 UNITED KINGDOM University of Oxford

 UNITED KINGDOM University of Manchester

 UNITED STATES Oral Roberts University

 UNITED STATES Regent University

 UNITED STATES University of Hawaii at Manoa

 UNITED STATES University of Houston

 UNITED STATES University of Notre Dame

 UNITED STATES California College of Arts

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