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How competent are you in anticipating and shaping the future? How competent are you in helping teams do the same, as a manager or a consultant? The Foresight Competency Model addresses the basic question of what one ought to capable of doing as a professional futurist. Most practicing futurists could probably tick off a list of skills, tools, methods, concepts, and processes that they would consider useful. The model is a product of a task force of 23 professional futurists from 4 continents working on issues facing foresight professionals that had been identified in Delphi studies and competitive industry analysis


If you are a learning leader in your organization, or academic that helps professionals lead their organization into the future, then the Foresight Competency Model will help you. It documents what competencies that foresight professionals draw upon and use to create the future. The Foresight Competency Model is visualized, built around the orange center circle of six foresight core competencies, framing, scanning, futuring, visioning, designing, and adapting. This center node is supported by a base of three foundation clusters: personal, academic, and workplace competencies. In turn, two professional competency clusters are above the central foresight competencies: sector and occupational roles. 

Foresight Competency Model

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