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A Story from the Future

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I woke up this morning super revived as last night I had my instantaneous genomic biochip nutritional profile upgraded. I connected my digital

‘brain-twin’, an advanced technological software that takes me into my immersive virtual profile. This is where I access my daily agenda, check my meetings and connect with my family, friends and other co-workers globally. I remembered back in 2030 where we had access to meta platforms, a more simplified version of ‘brain-twin’. I went ahead and activated the look and feel option. I started by visiting my friend, and I collected flowers from a global store called FLWx10. The bouquet I selected smelled really nice. I felt a bit nostalgic towards the time when we had to visit traditional flower shops in our organic bodies.

Next, I accessed my first meeting with PR6w - a personalized dedicated advanced artificial intelligence body by the Global Government of Humanity (GGH) - where every human has an assigned digital body. To make it simple, the PR6w is designed to simulate the human brain in order to accelerate innovative thinking based on their field of business, where it’s registered as intellectual properties by the GGH. As a matter of fact, we are living in an economy shared with robots where generating opportunities of global growth is part of their roles.

After this meeting, I was scheduled to meditate as my brain was fully optimized from the previous session. Started by selecting my preferred AI spiritual guide. The library filled with various options from previous generations like Rumi, Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama, David R. Hawkins and many others. These are my favourite sessions because of the look and feel and type of communication that I can access. It feels so real to be in presence of such inspiring beings.

Later on, I visited my parents for the annual family gathering where I gifted them the new reengineered personalized software called DNxE. A customized upgrade based on our family DNA formulation which will aid as a supply to sustain their artificial presence and memory capacity for another five years. There are many platforms available where they offer various software options for upgrades. A solid software that offers constant updates is essential in our time, considering the growing intensification of artificial bug attacks from competing bodies.

Of course, organic bodies no longer exist. This is due to global limitations in resources and restricted population growth many decades ago. Laterally with the unstoppable radical evolution of mergers between biological and artificial digital human twins which made the lines between both realities eventually vanish. In any case, organic bodies could not keep up with such advancements.

We live as long as our consciousness functions and these are all maintained in a highly complex universal mind. Our world now runs in a collaborative global governmental system: a blend of human consciousness and highly advanced artificial intelligence. We live in a parallel multiverse with an ability to travel with our consciousness in various times and spaces.

Here and Now

Come back to the present day and take your time to reflect on the following questions:

· How far away in time is this futuristic story?

· Can it ever be possible?

· What time-frame does it showcases?

· Why this happened? (What are the signals we overlooked and others that we pulled to the present and made happen?)

· And, are human beings powerful enough to design their own future(s)?

The Power of Storytelling

Throughout the years stories were a way to communicate visions of the future, inspire actions and encourage discussions to illustrate future possibilities and implications. Based on an article published by Lani Peterson in Harvard Business Publishing, scientists discover that the human brain produces three chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin and cortisol) where they help in remembering details and building emotional connections. It can also contribute to enhancing engagements and imagination. As a matter of fact, according to psychologist Jerome Bruner people can remember 22 times more about facts if there were told in a story.

Sharing stories of the future can dissolve the lines between science and

fiction, especially when going into very far futuristic timelines. It can assist in backcasting where futuristic outlooks can take us back to understand the implications that led to such scenario, hence, decision in present can be made to seize opportunities or explore new pathways to avoid potential threats.

To conclude, what we imagine, we attract in one way or another. Writing a story certainly unfolds horizons of future possibilities. Surely it will depend on how we perceive and foresee signals in a future range of time. Futurists as storytellers can certainly inspire organizations and communities to imagine, attract and design desired futures for better actions today.


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