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APF Holds open house for oceania region

Updated: Mar 28

A message from APF Director for Oceania Affairs, Steve Tighe

As the APF’s Director for Oceania Affairs, I was proud to host the online Oceania Open House on Wednesday 20th March. The purpose of the Open House was to get a better understanding of how the APF can deliver greater value to its members in the Oceania region. The event was a great opportunity to bring the regional futures community together and to discuss how we can help continue building the field into the future. As well as being a great networking opportunity, the participatory event asked attendees to share their thoughts on the following:


  1. Why are you a member of the APF? 

  2. Which APF activities deliver the greatest value to you?

  3. What activities could the APF undertake to deliver greater value for you?

  4. How can the APF best contribute to promoting futures and foresight capacity in Oceania?


The questions prompted some great discussion and produced some terrific insights into how the APF can continue to build membership value for the professional Oceania futures community. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who attended for their time and insights. You can continue to share your thoughts with me by clicking the button below and filling in the survey

As for responses to the questions above, some of the key themes that emerged around member value included opportunities for networking, prospects of professional collaboration with other APF members, professional skills and capability development, and access to futures publications


Over the following weeks, I’ll undertake a detailed analysis of these responses and get back to you with my findings and next steps.

Once again, thanks to everyone who attended on Monday evening. I look forward to continuing this exciting journey together.


Join the APF Discord now and engage with members of the community! While these channels are open to non-members, there are special channels in the Discord server for members-only, so don’t forget to verify your account through this form.


If you missed this event and would want to know more, click the links below to watch the event recording and view the presentation!

Event Recording

Event Slides

APF Oceania Regional Development Strategy Presentation - Steve Tighe
Download PDF • 88.62MB

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